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Entry #2

Oh good lord am I a horrible NGer

2009-08-25 22:56:26 by hangyourheadinpride

I don't update, I pretty much only lurk, and I don't even check out the forums that often.

I ought to get myself a MIDI keyboard / Reason already so I can get back on the music game and actually get some reviews.

whatever. I usually use LiveJournal for these things.


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2009-08-25 23:12:47

sounds like an NG user to me.


2009-08-25 23:23:49

That it?! Please, there are users so bad on this site you literally want to rip out their trachea.

hangyourheadinpride responds:

BAHAHA, that gives me an idea-- wouldn't it be awesome to have a flash fighting game based on the biggest wankers of the various online communities? NG would be video game obsessed, tasteless 13-yr.-old boys, LJ would be drama whores and butthurt fangirls, and Facebook/Twitter would be all the boring morons we deal with in daily life~~

QUICK, someone with actual skills in flash seize this idea!